Who We Are?

Our Team

Our wonderful and professional team of Litlight.

Hareem Fatima

Co-Founder of Litlight
Entrepreneur, Publish Poet, Social ActivistPublic Speaker.

Hareem Fatima is a Published Poet, inbound marketer, educationist, entrepreneur, psychology student, social activist and public speaker.

Moreover she works for Moiz shaukat counseling services and Moiz Shaukat Foundation (a charity giving forum).

She plans to bring a literary revolution across the globe through Litlight.


Arham Waseem

Co-Founder of Litlight
Entreprenuer, Psychology Enthusiastic, Writer and a Motivational speaker.

“A motivational speaker who is known for healing souls. A rare to find angel one could ever expect for. Known for his psychological knowledge and motivation he provides to the public.”


Moiz Shaukat

Co-Founder of Litlight

“Moiz Shaukat is a writer, Motivational Speaker, Tedx speaker, peace and education activist.

He is also Founder of Dream Builders, Moiz Shaukat Foundation and is the holder of numerous awards like Youth Icon award.”


Zainab Khan

Social Media Manager of Litlight

A mom at house, Endocrinologist by education, writer at heart, teacher by profession, aka ZeeBee Buzz in the digital world passionately working her social media genius to bring a literary revolution.


Manal Shaikh

Web Administrator at Litlight
Cyber security analyst, Web developer, Web hosting service provider and an Entrepreneur.

“Manal Shaikh one of Litlight’s youngest staff member eagerly working towards development of technologies of literature at Litlight. He has a great work-experience in cloud and system administration and is specially know for cyber security consultation.”

 – CEO of Shadow Hosting International


Zhileh Hayyam

Graphic designer & Marketing strategist

“Professionally Weight Loss Specialist, Beautification Researcher, Bridal Henna Artist, Fitness Journalist, Social Media Strategic, Graphics Designer, A Multi-talented Girl with some more hidden skills. Alhumdolillah. Just 25 Mother of 3 toddlers under age 5.”


Hamza Shaikh

Graphic designer 

“Hamza Shaikh, 19 years old, a graphic designer from Pakistan.
Writing is a part of my interest for me but graphics designing is more interesting. However, I’m novice level designer but willing to learn so that I can soon become a professional.”


Moattar Khalid

“Moattar Khalid 21, is a writer, poet, tyro graphics designer and a student of Zoological Sciences.
Known for the expression of love, loss and melancholy in her poetry she is a dreamer who have fire in her bones to do something that the world could remember ever after.”

Extraordinary Experiences

Our well-experienced staff are working hard to get your orders done. It is all the matter of the time and we assure you that you wouldn’t be disappointed with us.

Professional enthusiastic from all over the world with multi-talented professions in varied fields work together to bring up the most unique and the best ideas.

Our Core Values

Some of the core values of our team is…

  • Professional in their respective fields
  • Well-Experienced and always eager to do the best
  • Multi-talented personalities around the globe working together to bring innovations into reality.