Stay Safe, Stay positive and Stay COVID-negative

At times of stress and uncertainty, it is easy to panic and become irrational and most of the people are going through various emotional states as COVID-19 continues its global impact. It is difficult to feel in control when everything else is out of your control. To defeat COVID-19 is challenging though but we can do it by simply being optimistic and choosing to be happy. This is the best time to be with family and to develop mutual understanding as far as our relationships are concerned. We can get closer to the people we care about, learn more about them and try to understand their point of views. We can build more stronger bonds and more meaningful relationships.
We are just writing to tell you what to do that we have found helpful.
*During this stressful situation, stay motivated and utilize this time in a most purposeful way.
*Think positiveand leave no space for negative thoughts. Positive emotions boost our problem solving abilities.
*Recognise your emotional state and maintain social distance but this doesn’t mean social disconnection. This is the best time to reconnect with your old friends, increase phone calls, texts, video chats to make sure that we fill some gaps. We personally have decided to read social media less but to connect more.
*Do something creative, there are dozens of youtube tutorials that you can access. Learn art, cooking or anything you are comfortable with. You even can learn a new language or improve your communication and speaking skills.
*Get lost in books, read genres that interest you.
*This is the best time to relive your childhood with your family members.
*Look after others and take care of yourself too, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep and yes do some physical exercise to increase your immunity. Sitting in one place will affect your health.
*Last but not the least, never lose your faith,things will get better and we will get through this together.


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