Interview Questions:-

1)Tell us a little about yourself

I did electrical engineering from a prestigious University. But when I was in the middle of the 6th semester, I realized that engineering is not my thing. Then I dig deep and found my passion for writing. Since then, I started writing as a freelance content marketing writer. I am also a certified Digital Marketer from Google.

2)What is your current profession?

I am a freelance content marketing writer who helps businesses and brands expand their reach and build customer trust.

3)Why did you choose this profession?

I believe that we should do those things that fascinate us. Writing is the thing that always interests me. I love to spell the magic-using my words. This made me choose this profession.

4)What are the problems/challenges related to your profession?

The biggest problem as a Freelance writer I am facing is the lack of work or non-continuous work. Secondly, client acquisition is a massive challenge for me.

5)What are the positive points about your profession?

When you write for a particular company or brand, and you see the results your writing brings, and that is the most satisfying thing about writing.

Words have power instilled in them, and if used correctly, it can make an impact.

6)What are a few amazing things about you that may inspire others?

One thing I want others to learn from me is honesty – I hate cheating. Whether in personal life or professional life. The secret of success in every domain of living is honesty. How can I incorporate honestly into my work? I always, always try to give more than asked. Once you develop that habit, you become unstoppable.

7)Have you ever had experiences where you had to be resilient/make a comeback? Would you like to share for others to learn?

In servicing, one has to face such experiences quiet many times. The best way to avoid such experiences is to talk about deliverables clearly. It helps you to prevent such conditions where you have to show resilience.

8)What are your life goals?

Goals are not meant to be told before achieve. If Steve Jobs started to sing about his mission, he might not have managed to achieve it. The point is to make your goals and keep it to yourself, and let your success tell the story.

9)What are some lessons you have learned from life?

Life made me learn abounds lessons, and out of all those lessons, I want to reveal 3 of them.

  • Always be thankful for your situation because there are so many people living in a miserable condition, far worse than yours.
  • Be honest, honestly brings virtue, and virtue leads you to success.
  • Always be close to the creator who created you. Because without a Creator, you are nothing.

11)What is your definition of success?

The definition of success varies from person to person. For some, having a job at multinationals is a success and a luxurious car, and so on. For others, this definition varies. So the point is a success is a subject dependent, and no particular definition fits them all.

12)Any final message for readers?

Be You. God has created you; differently, you have different personality traits as compared with others. Your talents are different, and your viewpoint is different. Try to explore yourself before exploring the world. Once you manage to explore yourself, nothing becomes worthy of exploring.

Happy reading.

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