Interview Questions:-

1)Tell us a little about yourself

2)What is your current profession?
3)Why did you choose this profession?
4)What are the problems/challenges related to your profession?
5)What are the positive points about your profession?
6)What are a few amazing things about you that may inspire others?
7)Have you ever had experiences where you had to be resilient/make a comeback? Would you like to share for others to learn?
8)What are your life goals?
9)What are some lessons you have learned from life?
10)What is your definition of success?
11)Any final message for readers?

First of all, Salam to you and family; who are interested in writing, reading and anything that involves awareness and awakening of mankind, no matter how small it is.
1-My story is known to quite few but to those who don’t know me, I will share it with them. I was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Initial years of primary schooling, my whole family shifted to Pakistan. I completed my Medical training and after graduating started practicing. Also got entangled in teaching O level and Cambridge students for some time and enjoyed it to the hilt. I found it to be a very rewarding and calming experience.
2-My current profession is that of a Medical Doctor.
3-It’s like the profession has chosen me. I have always been inspired by my mother who is a doctor herself and also kindhearted and within her possible domain generous too.
4-It’s a demanding profession. Also lack of basic education by the people and the age-norm tradition is that whatever the scenario if even a hint of ailment the people are quick to point out that “Ask her for she is the doctor “. It seems like I am duped in Medical Lexicon and have the bionic properties of a woman who magically can heal any health dilemmas. Of course not to forget, corruption and if you are living abroad discrimination with respect to nationalities. That is part of the game but issues need to be addressed and proper protocols are necessary. Not to ignore the selfish myths which are being projected on doctors that as we have taken the Hippocratic Oath so how we can be inhumane in demanding for our rights to have rightful salaries and regular increments. Without surviving doctors, where only a minute percentage is into organic food free from pesticides, the community and the ambassadors included instead of bickering should rectify and make amendments to the welfare of the people and the doctors alike.
5-I have strong faith in this, that the patients with whom I was so much involved and when they got better and raised their hands making dua it definitely swept the heavens above. For all I am now; after Allah and my mother’s prayers is because of blessings of my patients. It may sound odd to you but I was attracted to their dire situation like a magnet and wanted to do something to improve their situation. In a Government sector hospital and in poor settings amongst the poor I found their heart to be like a flowing river with no stagnancy. The richness of peace they cradled and compassion and respect they endured for each other and for us, still makes me crave for the same riches.
6-Hmmm…, a difficult question. My eagerness and my faith that there is always room for improvement is one thing.
7-Yes and no. Yes, in answer to your question but no to the mortal conditioning that made you ask this kind of question. Let me elaborate that in any desperate situation our energy levels dispel or scatter but they never extinguish. So am I resilient? Yes, Alhamdullilah but comeback. No. You can say it was more like a phoenix reverberating and see what it lead too. Although I never realized that I would get bitten by a writing bug but in 2015 for PLAX JEWELLERY COMPETITION I was one among commendable writers. Also participated and made first shortlist only one from Pakistan, in 2016 and 2018 UK online erbacce prize competition, though not the winner. Also muddled my hands with photography that made it to the UK online Art Exhibition showcasing Muslim talent.
8-My life goals is to have peace of mind and soul and that can be achieved with communal harmony. Also as a member of society to aid those who are in need.
9-To trust most Allah with absolute faith. Moreover, aim for yourself and pattern your life in such a way that your today is better than yesterday. Your future scap and your past deeds are in momentum with your present so that you will freed yourself from questions like what will happen, what if it didn’t happen, if only I had done that etc.
10-Success is being in momentum and not the moment for moment passes but momentum doesn’t. One cardinal rule of nature as anything that stagnates rots, that withers will die. Setting goals is good but they should be for improving ourselves to be in momentum otherwise they are just embellishments that we do to appease ourselves.
11-Don’t stop dreaming and never stop celebrating yourselves. Your existence in itself is a celebration. Life is a wonder and you are one of its wonders.


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