A Review To The Book ” Saving a Soul” By Sushmita Shrestha (Youth activist, Freelancer From
Kathmandu, Nepal)

The debut collection of 126– fascinating and agonizing poems by Hareem Fatima“Saving a Soul“related to the Voyage of Life and future of an author ” Pakistan” is absolutely a recent and elegant expansion to the world of English poetry. In the book, his voices substantiate everything around Pakistan and the people residing in his unfortunate tone and all then is mitigated with the blessing of essence.


I pity you
And I pity me

The world is
Falling in chaos
You see

But I guess that
You already know that
And are clearly
Content with it

I pity you
And I pity me

Mock me and
My verses
Shroud me in
Disdain and curses

Mock me and
My simple dream
For us to move,
Steadily as a
Pebble in a Stream

Life is that simple
Is it not?
Oh, I have forgotten.
How we’ve become slaves of
Our own distraught.

The poet has madness on about the chaos we are doing to the globe. We are here to do something, to preserve the world and amour to the other creatures. If we see the sky and see our own life, isn’t it beautiful?. Everything is winsome, the flow of rivulets through the wood, Banyan trees touching the sky and seven hues path touching the ground and an abode of god.
But today we finally became the slave of our own distraught.


I have been spending my days
Amidst a haze
Surrounded by nothingness

I have been feeling lost
Alone in my thoughts
Feeling complete yet so hopeless

I have cried,
I want answers…
Why is life such a mystery ?
I tried, I’ve faced disasters..
And now my old days are history

I have found a world where i belong
Where i can be free, I can be strong
I’m on a path to somewhere I belong
And my soul finally sings its freedom song.

Life is mystery, I play as everything happens for good, poet always has a dream to know the globe, the working mechanism of the Universe, and she always lost lone somewhere in nook of rill and think about the mysterious world, she has covert things, where she will have freedom, liberty and a peace that makes her Strong.

Ms. Hareem Fatima has explained about life goals and how to bloom in this world, she walks through the nook of woodland, crossing the cliffs solo to teach us how to find the journey of Peace and freedom, the words in this”Saving a Soul” are winsome that pull every people eye, she has given the answer of hoe to hue our life , what we people are doing to in the world and so forth.

By Sushmita Shrestha
(Freelancer, Humanitarian Aid from Kathmandu Nepal )

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  1. Dear Sushmita;
    You are a star and always will because you rock and you should always believe in yourself and i believe in you too and you should always be in a good mood love from Raj(Rome Ross).

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