Hareem Fatima


Hareem Fatima is a Published Poet, inbound marketer, educationist, entrepreneur, psychology student, social activist and public speaker.

She is founder of Hareem Fatima Empowerment association and also founder of Saving a soul anthologies.

She plans to bring a literary revolution across the globe through Litlight.

Bushra Khalid

Vice President (Karachi Chapter)

She is going to be a Dentist from DOW University of Health Sciences. (Inshallah)

She is also a Dental Trainer, Humanity Social worker, and Youth Activist.

Hafiza Sabeela Javaid

President, Karachi Chapter

I have done my Bachelors in Economics, Sociology and Islamic studies. Now I’m doing A’alima Course from Maryam Institute, Certification in Freelancing & Digital Marketing from Virtual University & Diploma in Graphic and Web Designing from Arena Multimedia.

Moiz Shaukat

Brand Ambassador

Moiz Shaukat is a celebrity Ted Ex/ Motivation speaker. He is also founder of many philanthropic projects like Dream Builders, Moiz Shaukat Foundation, Moiz Counseling services, Inspirational stories of Pakistan and so on.

He has been honored with many awards like the Youth Icon award for his work.

Yusra Mustafa

Director E-Mag

“Yusra Mustafa is a young writer, graphic designer and blogger. She writes for both national and international websites.Her skills include leadership, strong teamwork and above all communication. Recently she joined”litlight” as a graphic designer and designed thier very first e-magazine. Her plans includes in designing her own website where young writers can showcase their talents and skills.”

Umar Abu Ammar

Vice President Nigeria Chapter

He is a Web and Software Developer from Nigera

Maria Mukhtiar

Social Media Manager

She is a student of 3rd year literature. She writes fiction and non fiction articles. She is also a social worker.

Eman Khalid

Social Media Manager

Eman Khalid is a twenty year old English Major. She has a passion for writing and creating new words. Also, she plans on inspiring people through her words. Eman’s writings mostly focus on mental health, depression and all the other unspoken words of the ones who suffer in silence. She aspires to become a voice for the voiceless.

She is a student of 3rd year literature. She writes fiction and non fiction articles. She is also a social worker.